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In today's economy, finding less expensive ways to live is a common thread weaving its way across the United States. Rising gasoline prices affect the cost of everything from picking up a gallon of milk to buying a new refrigerator. In order to combat the downturn and still provide the basic necessities, many families are choosing to buy used instead of new appliances, and the secret is out. In today's tech savvy world, according to highly rated appliance pros everywhere, new appliances tend to have about half the life span of past models. The reasons include the use of cheaper raw materials and a greater reliance on computerized systems that fail. So if it’s time for you to replace a major appliance, particularly a washer, dryer or dishwasher, consider whether a used model might be a good value for your home. Used Washer, Dryer & Dishwashers in Hudson Valley, NY
Just as cost and longevity are the top reasons to buy used or refurbished appliances, they are also the top reasons to avoid buying new. With prices continuing to soar, a new refrigerator may cost quite a bit more than you wanted to spend. Not to mention, when the appliance superstore finally has a sale, the reduced items are extremely limited in supply and are usually sold out within seconds of opening their doors.
As a one stop local appliance service provider,  Just Appliance Repair now offers used standard top loading washers, gas or electric dryers and dishwashers with a FULL 90 day warranty. Because the working components in used appliances are what gets repaired or replaced, there's usually little or no difference in how the appliance works and performs. For top load washers and gas and electric dryers we offer the following brands: Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, Roper, Estate and Amana. For dishwashers we offer: Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchen Aide, Kenmore, GE and Hot Point at affordable low cost prices. Call us for details at (845) 243-7052.

3 Tips After You Buy, Whether New or Used Appliances

1. Avoid overloading a washing machine; heavy or off-balance loads can cause damage. Empty pockets of coins, pens and other items that can damage the washer. Be sure to use the recommended type and amount of detergent.
2. Clean the dryer’s lint screen before every load and periodically have the machine’s workings and vent cleaned. If your dryer takes longer than an hour to dry a standard-sized load, vent cleaning could make your dryer run like new.
3. Don’t neglect appropriate washer and dryer maintenance. Call Just Appliance Repair, your local one stop shop at (845) 243-7052.

Haul Away Service

Purchased new appliances and need the old removed? Call Just Appliance Repair at (845) 264-2127 and we will take away your washer, dryer or dishwasher for free and we'll pay you up to $50 depending upon the condition and age of each appliance.
Call Just Appliance Repair at (845) 243-7052 in Poughkeepsie, Ny. For Used, refurbished, Second hand, Appliances and Appliance Removal, We service both residential and commercial appliances.

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